Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease or severe Food Allergies?

5 Actions to Take After You Leave Your Doctor’s Office

Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease or severe Food Allergies?

5 Actions to Take After You Leave Your Doctor’s Office

Dropper bottle with label with golden brown liquid sitting on a desk.

4 ounce dropper bottle of Neutralizer for “Tummy Issues” compounded by Hidden Alchemist. Photo by Imei Hsu (Dec 2016)

How many times have you had one of these “tummy days”, when you’re even too tired or embarrassed to admit that you’ve been struggling with diarrhea, cramping, flatulence, and digestive problems?

Anyone who has mild to severe intolerances, a gastro-intestinal disorder (i.e.Crohn’s, IBD), or an Autoimmune Disease that creates a whole host of sensitivities and intolerances knows the painful reality of how many hours and days we lose in a battle against “Tummy issues”.

The reality of living with these symptoms often enough that you can no longer call them occasional should have you thinking that the best remedies aren’t always grabbing a bottle of Imodium. So what is a food-sensitive person to do?

Neutralizer Drops from The Hidden Alchemist

In 2015, I ran into Sunny, the owner of a small herbal apothecary/home remedy style shop in Seattle called the Hidden Alchemist. After she listened to my symptoms and what it was I wanted to find, she brewed me up a version of her Neutralizer drops, minus rhubarb (I have a kidney disorder, so I’ve been instructed to go light on rhubarb, among other foods).

I’ll admit, I was skeptical to try this.  However, the ingredients were natural, with one of the main ingredients being cinnamon. Cinnamon is something soothing I had been using in my foods, so I knew it could not harm me.

When the next occasion of Grumpy Tummy occurred, I tried the Neutralizer drops. You can take 1/3 of a dropper full up to three times a day and up to three days in a row. It has a mildly constipating effect, and addressed intestinal cramping, albeit a bit more slowly than Loperimide. What surprised me was how effective these Neutralizer drops are. I experienced relief of the worst of the symptoms within an hour, and either the cessation, or at minimum, the reduction of additional bouts of diarrhea within a couple of hours.

While I’m not saying that if anyone were to have bloody stools, multiple bouts of watery or fatty diarrhea, or other unusual symptoms that you should substituted medical advice or stronger medication to treat diarrhea, I am saying that you may wish to consider natural options to helping to resolve milder, less urgent gastrointestinal symptoms.

By the way, The Hidden Alchemist does offer online ordering and shipping.

Is This Good For A Cheat? 

If you are reading this, I know — yes, I do know this! — that you are probably wondering if these Neutralizer Drops will work if you want to have a little “cheat”. A cheat is a choice to eat something you know doesn’t work well for your guts. Let me underline that word again: it is a CHOICE.

We know that sometimes we don’t make the best choices. Aside from that, I don’t want my words to be misconstrued that I advocate cheating because everyone gets tired, weak, and just sick of how difficult it is to stay on a restricted food diet in order to feel better.

So, while I wouldn’t tell anyone to take some of this Neutralizer with the intention of cheating on your nutritional profile, I do realize that some people will. It’s human nature.

I would never, ever (no no no no no no no no!) eat something with gluten, and then take these drops thinking it will save me from the horrors of a hospital trip and widespread inflammation of my bowels. That’s simply foolish. I will say that if I ate something that had a mildly questionable ingredient in it, I may choose to take some of these drops to try to prevent a problem from happening.

At the time of publishing this post, I am in Maui participating in a triathlon camp. While I’m eating predominantly food that I have cooked myself in a commercial kitchen (!!!), today will be one time I will be expected to eat out with the group and to try to make safe choices. I’m glad that I have some Neutralizer drops with me, for that “just in case” if the food doesn’t agree with me, or if there ends up being any cross contamination with some of my food intolerances.

Do you have a home remedy that has worked well for you? I’d like to hear about what you use to keep your guts humming along, even if you’ve had an “oops” or a minor cheat. Send me a comment, and let me know if you want it published with your name or not.

Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease or severe Food Allergies?

5 Actions to Take After You Leave Your Doctor’s Office

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Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease or severe Food Allergies?

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