Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease or severe Food Allergies?

5 Actions to Take After You Leave Your Doctor’s Office

Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease or severe Food Allergies?

5 Actions to Take After You Leave Your Doctor’s Office

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It’s here! My Allergy Advocate is now its own dot com with services, blog, and a categorized recipe section. Photo by Imei Hsu (April 16 2018). Location: Redmond, WA.

Thanks for Natalie McGuire Design, My Allergy Advocate has a new look and feel. With Natalie’s design value  — functional website design should be beautiful — you are now enjoying my tagline, “Make Food Fun Again”, along with services designed to help you navigate the lifestyle changes that come with having Food Allergies and Intolerances, Autoimmune Disease, and Chronic Illness.

As the Owner and Imaginator of My Allergy Advocate, I am so excited that the new website is here for YOU. In fact, when Natalie emailed me to notify me when the site was ready to go live, I did a little dance and zoomed around my house like my cat Loomi does when she’s has a whiff of catnip! Crazy Happy Dance!

Why am I so excited? Because I remember what it feels like to surf the Internet and look for sites that talk about the kind of lifestyle you and I need — and I couldn’t find but a small handful. In fact, at the time, I found TWO, and one of them initially rubbed me the wrong way.  These websites aren’t the thousands filled with unicorn sprinkle donuts and bikini-clad beauties on Instagram. And there isn’t anything wrong with that, it’s just that most of us can’t eat the donuts, and the bikinis won’t help us get better from the inside out! They also aren’t WebMD styled websites trying to sell you pharmaceuticals either, of which there are plenty of those flim-flam sites selling you hope in a bottle.

Instead, they are one among thousands, and they are often produced by people like me who came to it with no choice. As a self-employed Psychotherapist and Registered Nurse, I made a decision to dedicate the rest of my career and retirement to advocating for this community that represents hundreds of thousands of people struggling with food and autoimmune issues, people just like me. Because you’re here and reading this now, I hope you’ll find that this site can help you build the lifestyle you need to heal after diagnosis, get strong, and choose new adventures in life as your food issues and disease process allows. I am here to listen to you, provide resources, and I am available to work with you in groups or 1:1 to help you achieve your health goals where lifestyle is concerned. Because, you know, lifestyle change is where most of us get tripped up.

Take your time and look around, kick the tires, and check out the blog. The blog is this site’s community hub, and just as soon as I convert the original recipes from text into the new Tasty app format, you’ll also have a mini recipe library organized by food category and meal type. Fancy pants, but only the best for you.

Over time, I have plans to expand the blog into several important areas: food and lifestyle for small children, cooking for teens, and “on your own” College and Young Adult living. Meanwhile, if you are in one of these groups or have a passionate interest in writing and sharing your ideas, please contact me so I can feature a post about you and what you are doing to make food (and life!) fun again.

I’m also writing a short book, “Making Food Fun Again”, just as best and as quickly as my own lifestyle allows. You can follow along with its progression on the WordPress site. I’ll announce when I have a working PDF to do some local readings as well as excerpts on SoundCloud and YouTube.

Additionally, you’ll see My Allergy Advocate is on Social Media, and to get the most out of it, here’s a brief description for each:

Facebook My Allergy Advocate Page  –  the place where I make announcements, event invitations, and post 3-4 times a week about the latest research, headline news, and media coverage about the FA/AI/CI lifestyles.

Facebook My Allergy Advocate Closed Group – the place where you can ask questions in a more intimate and discussion-oriented atmosphere.

Instagram My Allergy Advocate / Imei Hsu – Simply Plated Monday, Repost Wednesday, and Furball Friday posts (because cute pets!), plus integration with an active lifestyle of triathlon training, ultramarathon running, and travel, so you can learn how to take your lifestyle and hit the road

Pinterest My Allergy Advocate/ No Sh!t Recipes – one of the best places to get recipes, yet I noticed that Pinterest is underutilized. Deeper into its first year, MAA will be pumping out more recipes and food-featuring photos to help you plate healthy and delicious foods according to your customized needs.

Again, welcome to My Allergy Advocate. Feel free to reach out to me with an email or a comment. Or a gluten free, dairy free, soy free, corn free, seed free, nut free, emulsifier free, low sugar cookie, ha!

Let’s Make Food Fun Again, together.

P.S. The “fun blog” on WordPress.com will be closed soon, so if you were a subscriber there, please click on any of the “Join Free” buttons, which then puts you on a MailChimp list so I can send you a regular newsletter. You can also choose to subscribe to this blog and not receive the newsletters. Your way, your choice. MailChimp never sells your email address, and neither do I.


Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease or severe Food Allergies?

5 Actions to Take After You Leave Your Doctor’s Office

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Diagnosed with an Autoimmune Disease or severe Food Allergies?

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