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Make food fun again

…because you’re sick of being sick.

It seems like everything you try to put in your stomach makes for an excruciating trip to the bathroom.

You received your food allergies or autoimmune diagnosis, so you know why it’s happening. Now, the reality of all that you can’t eat is seeping in.

You’re waving goodbye to that gooey slice of pizza you loved to have on Saturday nights. (Goodbye pizza…hello…umm…lettuce?)

You’ve realized that the crunchy cereal you love to eat every morning is making your tummy all kinds of grumpy and your skin rashy. No more date nights with your sweetie at your favorite local haunt, since everything on the menu makes you sick now.

Now you wonder…

“What the heck am I supposed to eat?”

Feeding yourself is a total drag, but it doesn’t have to be.

Imei Hsu

I’m on a mission to make food fun again.

Think of me as your Food Concierge of the Autoimmune Disease World!

With two autoimmune diseases and over 300 food allergies, I had to navigate eating with an autoimmune disease on my own.

Here’s what I discovered on the journey…


Almost every autoimmune disease, chronic illness, and food allergic response, can be supported through a change in nutrition.


Your doctors and health professionals are STUMPED when it comes to teaching you how to eat to help your autoimmune disease.


The food industry isn’t necessarily your friend. Mass produced food is likely making you sicker.


You are your best friend! You can learn to feed yourself better than any restaurant or food company, and you can customize your food better than anyone else, no matter what you do and where you go.


You can feel good again.

I’m here to guide you through the world of wellness so you know what to eat, how to prepare and cook, and how to enjoy food that tastes great and feels good to your tummy.

Want to know how?

My Allergy Advocate is getting ready to launch, so get on the list now for tips and tricks that tame your hangry belly while satisfying your taste buds and giving you more energy.

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